Goddess Apeethakuchambal merges with the Lord Arunachala!

    Om SathGuru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

Goddess Apeethakuchambal merges with the Lord Arunachala!

On the day of Krithika, in the month of Karthika (Nov-Dec), in the evening Gowri meditated upon the form of Shiva:

“Lord of Devas! If I am fit enough to see YOUR true form, pray, kindly reveal Thy form.”

At once the effulgence of Shiva in the form of the Arunachala Hill filled the entire world with its brilliance.

And there arose in the from the Column of Effulgence a tawny complexioned and blue-throated Shiva who said:

“Parvathi! I am pleased with YOUR penance and devotion. The sin (if at all it can be termed so), which YOU incurred by closing My Eyes and plunging the Universe in darkness, has now been expiated by having darshan of Arunachala. Uma! For YOUR youthfulness YOU shall be known as Apithakuchamba. O Devi! Come to ME and merge in ME on completion of YOUR circumambulation of Arunachala. “

The Goddess then circumambulated the Hill (Giri-Pradakshina) as advised. Like a bride circumambulating the sacred fire at the time of her marriage, the daughter of the mountain (Himawan) circumambulated Arunachala in the company of Saraswathi, Lakshmi, Indrani, Arundhathi and the wives of sages. SHE prayed for UNION with SHIVA.

The Supreme Lord was there upon pleased to appear before HER. SHE prostrated before HIM and with folded hands prayed, “We two should never be separated. THOU must always abide here and others who adore THEE may have THY Darshan at all times.”

The Lord of Arunagiri acceded to HER prayer for the welfare of the world. He also gave Her ONE-HALF of HIS body(Ardhanaareeswara).


Om SathGuru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

The Holy KARTHIGAI DEEPAM Festival at Arunachala

Goddess Gowri requested Sage Gautama to kindly expound to HER the greatness of the festival of light at Aruanchala.

Gautama revealed:

“I shall describe to YOU the Glory of that which liberates people from all sins and bestows all prosperity. In the month of Karthika, on the day of the star Kritika during Pradosa (13th day of waxing moon) the fortunate ones who perform Giri-Pradakshina (circumambulation) are not born again. All karmas are destroyed on performance of Giri-Pradakshina.

He who worships the ‘Deepam’ lit atop the Hill derives countless blessings. A person residing elsewhere may light lamps in front of any shrine of Lord Shiva, atop His Temple towers, or on peaks of other Hills, and he will be blessed!

Whatever may be the attitude of the devotee, the mere lighting of the lamp on this day with any type of oil available confers great merit on him.

He who has darshan of this light on Arunachala Hill acquires the merit of having performed great charity and of having bathed in the sacred rivers. Who can express in word the benefits enjoyed by the one who has darshan of the peak of Arunachala (Annamalai) with the beacon light glowing?”


Lord Arunachala appears as a Column of Effulgence!

    Om SathGuru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

Lord Arunachala appears as a Column of Effulgence!

The Mother of the world then prayed, “Vishwaroopa! God in the form of Sonadri! Sonachala! Arunachala! Effulgent One! Linga in the form of a Hill! Remove all sins! Obeisance to THEE.”

When the Goddess stood praying thus, Arunadri manifested HIMSELF as an Effulgent Column blazing in all directions. HE appeared as a Supreme Effulgence resembling the rising of crores of suns, or moons or world consuming fires!

While the Goddess stood overcome with joy, the Lord of Arunagiri rose out of the Effulgence in a golden form with a bluish throat (SHIVA) and said:

“I am pleased with YOU, for YOU have performed penance and austerities at the place specified by ME. YOU have not incurred any sin by the act of killing Mahishasura. Moreover, as YOU looked at Sonachala, YOU have expiated all YOUR sins.

YOU engaged a foster-mother to suckle YOUR SON. And, instead of being with HIM, YOU were here as UNNAMULAI, (Tamil; Apithakuchambal – Sanskrit) – Mother of unsuckled breasts)..”

When Shiva spoke these words, Ambika bowed to HIM and prayed:

“Deva of Devas! Every year on this Kritika day of the full-moon of Karthika month (Nov-Dec) pray, reveal that divine form which was devoutly worshipped by ME and the Devas on this auspicious day so that all may be protected from adversity.”

Lord Shiva revealed: “SO BE IT!”

The Goddess Gowri then went round the Hill along with HER companions. SHE gave spiritual instruction to the divine Rishis.

BRAHMA said:

“Sambhu HIMSELF, with GOWRI shines as Arunachala. Those who have darshan of it or meditate upon it, attain liberation. All kinds of wealth accrue to those who hear of the glory of Holy Arunachala. Those who remember Arunachala will become pure in mind. They shall be absolved of their karma….

A mere darshan of Arunachala will grant the benefit of bathing in all the Holy Tirthas and performing all Yagnas and Yogas. He will obtain the Grace of Sadasiva. Among the various places on earth which are sacred to Shiva, it is only at this place that Sambhu fell in love with HIS own majestic and magnificent form.”

Lord Arunachala instructs Parvathi Devi!

    Om SathGuru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

Lord Arunachala instructs Parvathi Devi!

A sweet voice was then heard coming from the sky.

IT said:

Gowri! YOU need not go anywhere else to expiate YOUR sin. Split open a rock with YOUR sword. All the nine Tirthas will appear in that cleft. Bathe in them uttering the sin – destroying mantra (Agamarshana Mantra) in the month of Asvija (Oct-Nov) in the asterism of Jyeshta.”

(This spot, is now, the khadga Tirtham, at the Durgai Amman Temple, Thiruvannamalai. Avathar Sri Seshadri Swamigal used to play with snakes in the middle of the night.)

YOU must bathe in this Holy Water and at the end of the month, install on the bank of that Holy Tirtha, the Linga in YOUR hand consecrating it for the welfare of the world. I shall then reveal to YOU MY OWN EFFULGENT FORM. YOU must do this solely for the welfare of the world.”

Goddess Gowri thereupon proceeded to do what the Maharshi and the voice from the sky had asked HER to do. At the end of a month, the Goddess celebrated a festival. On the evening when the Star of Kritika was in conjunction with the moon in the month of Karthika (Nov-Dec), SHE propitiated the Lord of Arunadri with all the prescribed offerings and offerings of water (arghya).

Gowri seeks the advice of Sage Gautama

    Om SathGuru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

Gowri repents Her act!

Parvathi went to the Maharshi Gautama and said:

“This devotee of Shiva was killed by ME. I am therefore overcome by sorrow. O! Sage! You do know Dharma! I wanted to protect the Devas. While fulfilling my promise, although for the protection of the Devas, I have committed an act of Adharma. This Linga which was around his neck clings to MY hand. How shall I expiate the sin of killing a devotee of Shiva?”

Gautama who was well versed in the Dharma of Shiva replied:

“Gowri! Do not fear that You erred by having killed a devotee of Shiva. Mahisha could not be conquered by the Devas not because he had the good fortune to possess the Linga, but because he had to be killed only by you, the beloved of Shiva.

It is said that a Linga worn without proper initiation, will bring ruin upon the wearer. He swerved away from the virtuous path by his evil counsels. In any case, the sight of this Noble Hill, is a sure means to expiate all sins.”

The Goddess slays Mahishasura!

    Om SathGuru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

The Goddess slays Mahishasura!

Mahishasura, had obtained a boon from Lord Shiva, that he become most powerful of all the Devas. So all Devas approached Gowri and said, “YOU are power of (Shakthi) SAMBHU in the form of a woman. It is destined that he must be killed by YOU, for he has obtained a boon from Sambhu that no man shall kill him. Goddess YOU must save us.”

SHE spoke endearingly: “Devas! It is said that one of the objectives of doing penance is protection of those who seek refuge. Your enemy will perish in a short time. He, who acts contrary to Dharma, against those who abide by Dharma, will die like an insect.” The Devas bowed to the daughter of the mountains and returned in peace to their abode.

One day the arrogant Mahishasura entered the forest of Arunachala. Goddess Gowri sent a monkey-faced Muni named Suraguru to him. When Vanaramukha delivered the message to Mahishasura, the later was enraged.

The wicked demon then gathered all his armed forces and prepared for battle. His force came from all quarters and surrounded Arunagiri.

The Goddess pierced Mahishasura with HER TRIDENT. The Goddess cut off his head with a sharp sword and stood dancing upon him. Seeing this, Siddhas, Gandharvas and Maharshis hailed HER as Goddess Durga!

Indra, the king of the Devas, bowed down before HER and with folded hands he praised the Goddess. He prayed that HER form as Mahishasura Mardhani (the destroyer of Mahishasura) should be a source of prosperity and happiness for all creation.

The Merits of serving the Hill of Arunadri!

    Om SathGuru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

The Merits of serving the Hill of Arunadri!

Gowri asked:

“O! Sage Gautama! Kindly expound on the merits acquired by serving this Hill.”

There upon Gautama said:

“I shall describe the merits acquired by serving this Holy Hill as narrated by Lord Shiva HIMSELF on a former occasion.”

  • Those who light even a single lantern regularly for Arunachala become Self-Effulgent. A parrot built its nest on a tree close to Arunachala, and kept some fireflies in it, which dispelled the darkness all around by their light. They therefore attained Liberation.

  • When a crow flew in search of prey its wings fanned the Holy Hill. It attained Liberation immediately.

  • Devas and Rishis dwell close to Arunachala as trees with the object of avoiding future births. Your penance is meant for the welfare of the world. Let the Dharma of the Rishis flourish. O! Queen of all celestial beings! Everything will be accomplished by YOUR penance.

On hearing these words of Gautama, Goddess Gowri was extremely pleased.

SHE said: “The earth is superior to Swarga, for the Effulgent Linga abides here and it grants boons even to Devas. Lord Shiva can be attained only by HIS GRACE. HIS abode has been revealed to ME. I shall adore HIM at this very place and propitiate HIM. I shall gain Eternal Union with Shiva.”

At Gowri’s request a thatched hut was built for HER. SHE followed the various scriptural injunctions and exhibited HER devotion to HER LORD SHIVA in various ways, thus teaching the world the paths of Dharma as laid down in the Vedas and Sastras.

The Significance of the Giri-Pradakshina on each day of the week!

    Om SathGuru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

The Significance of the Giri-Pradakshina on each day of the week!

Sunday – A devotee who circumambulates the Hill on a Sunday penetrates the region of the Sun and attains Liberation. He gains the world of Shiva.

Monday – He who circumambulates the Hill on a Monday lives free from the affliction of old age and death.

Tuesday – He who circumambulates the Hill on a Tuesday is released from all debts and becomes an emperor.

Wednesday – If Pradakshina is done on a Wednesday, one becomes omniscient and wise.

Thursday On Thursday, the devotee who circumambulates the Holy Hill, is worshipped by all Devas and attains fame as a Guru.

Friday – Circumambulating the Hill on a Friday brings prosperity and takes one to the abode of Vishnu.

Saturday – A Saturday Pradakshina brings worldly success and averts the ill-effects threatened by the planets in one’s horoscope.

Giri-Pradakshina or Girivalam

    Om SathGuru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

Giri-Pradakshina or Girivalam

While I abide on earth as Arunachala, all Devas and Munis circumambulate ME. At every step that one takes on the path round Me all sins committed in one’s past lives are expiated.

Merit acquired by bathing in all the Tirthas, by performing all the sacrifices, by studying all the scriptures and by following all the Dharmas can be easily acquired by merely circumambulating Sonachala (Annamalai or Arunachala or Arunadhri).

I MYSELF abide here always in the form of Siddha, worshipped by Devas. Arunadhri is really a Column of Effulgence.”

Meditating on this Great Linga one should circumambulate it slowly; one will not born again and will certainly become externally one with Sonachala. One should walk carefully, slowly and noiselessly. While circumambulating one should meditate on Shiva.

Thousands of invisible Manus, Devatas, SiddhaPurushas and others accompany a Bhaktha (Devotee) (in subtle form (Sookshma Sareera) who circumambulate in this manner.

The Hill Is Incomprehensible, being beyond speech and thought!

The body of one who performs anga-pradakshina around this Hill becomes divine and immune to injury. All Devas circumambulate ME (Shiva or Arunachala or Annamalai) every day. Those, suffering from physical and mental ailments, and the weak and emaciated ones would be cured, as they circumambulate ME!

Lord Shiva and Parvathi Circumambulate Arunadri!

    Om SathGuru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

Giri-Pradakshina or Girivalam

Even I (Shiva as Arunachala), circumambulate Arunadri, the divinely Effulgent Linga, and MY own form, in the company of Devas and Rishis at the time of sacred Uttarayana (the winter solstice). I do so for the welfare of the world.

Moreover, Goddess Gowri has come here to do penance.

SHE will become pure by circumambulating ME. Afterwards SHE will gain One-Half of MY Body. SHE will perform severe penance and circumambulate Me at the time of Pradosa (thirteenth day of the waxing moon) and on the day of the Kritika Star in the month of Karthika (Nov-Dec).

The Goddess in the form of Apithakuchambal shall then merge in ME.

The day on which the Holy season of Uttarayana commences is an auspicious day for ME. Hence let them adore ME on that day and attain the goal of their lives.

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