The Merits of serving the Hill of Arunadri!

    Om SathGuru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

The Merits of serving the Hill of Arunadri!

Gowri asked:

“O! Sage Gautama! Kindly expound on the merits acquired by serving this Hill.”

There upon Gautama said:

“I shall describe the merits acquired by serving this Holy Hill as narrated by Lord Shiva HIMSELF on a former occasion.”

  • Those who light even a single lantern regularly for Arunachala become Self-Effulgent. A parrot built its nest on a tree close to Arunachala, and kept some fireflies in it, which dispelled the darkness all around by their light. They therefore attained Liberation.

  • When a crow flew in search of prey its wings fanned the Holy Hill. It attained Liberation immediately.

  • Devas and Rishis dwell close to Arunachala as trees with the object of avoiding future births. Your penance is meant for the welfare of the world. Let the Dharma of the Rishis flourish. O! Queen of all celestial beings! Everything will be accomplished by YOUR penance.

On hearing these words of Gautama, Goddess Gowri was extremely pleased.

SHE said: “The earth is superior to Swarga, for the Effulgent Linga abides here and it grants boons even to Devas. Lord Shiva can be attained only by HIS GRACE. HIS abode has been revealed to ME. I shall adore HIM at this very place and propitiate HIM. I shall gain Eternal Union with Shiva.”

At Gowri’s request a thatched hut was built for HER. SHE followed the various scriptural injunctions and exhibited HER devotion to HER LORD SHIVA in various ways, thus teaching the world the paths of Dharma as laid down in the Vedas and Sastras.

April 2020

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