My First Giripradakshinam with Sesha Mahaan

ஸத்குரு ஸ்ரீ ராஜலிங்க ஸ்வாமிகள் துணை

ஓம் ஸத்குரு ஸ்ரீ சேஷாத்ரி ஸ்வாமிகள் திருவடிக்கே

My First Giripradakshinam with Sesha Mahaan

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It had only been a few months since I had come to know of Mahaan SeshaNatha. Each time, my eyes fell on His Radiant, Endearing Countenance, I felt a tug at my heartstrings…..

When would I ever get to sanctify myself at the Holy land of Arunachala, where He once tread! I would sit in front of His picture, and wonder….and pray my heart out….

Then, it was in the auspicious month of Margazhi in 2012, that the Love of my Lord beckoned me to Thiruvannamalai.

During mid-December, I started out to Thiruvannamalai, with my sister who accompanied me from Madurai. After a while, I set out out around 6 a.m., for the Arunachala Girivalam. This being my first time in Thiruvannamalai, I did not know where I had to start.

I approached first a flower-seller who guided me towards the Girivalam road. Then another man pointed towards the direction of a shrine across the road, leading to the Girivalam road.

Still wondering, I just happened to notice a young lad beckon to me, from across the road. He was a striking youth, clad in saffron clothes, and very surprisingly, seemed to know where exactly I needed help. As I approached Him, He pointed to a Shrine, close-by, saying that this was the Shrine of the Indra Lingam, and one was supposed to start the Girivalam from this point!

When I told him I was new to this place, and did not know the locales, He quietly and smilingly offered to guide me through the Girivalam.

He walked ahead of me. I followed Him. Upon conversation I got to learn He was a Yoga Master from Bangalore, and He had been performing the Girivalam periodically, for the past 3 years.

Beyond that, He barely spoke a word. Every now and then, He would look up at the Holy Hill, pay His obeisance, and continue to trace His steps with deep focus and intent…

We kept walking together, and He guided me through the Girivalam, especially with a beautiful Darshanam of the AshtaLinga Sthalams. It was my heart’s desire to have a Darshan of my Lord Sri SeshaNatha at His Ashramam. But I did not have any idea where it was. Through the course of our walk, I happened to ask the youth as to where Avathar Sri Seshadri Swamigal’s Ashram was.

As a matter of Providence, we were not very far from Mahaan’s Ashramam, when I asked Him about it. But, He suddenly avoided answering me, and instead asked me to follow Him, and guided me to Ramana Ashramam. He asked me to go visit Sri Ramana’s Ashramam. I silently assented, but my heart was set on Sesha Mahaan’s place. After a visit, I waited for my guide, the youth to join me back, near the entrance. I continued to wait, but there was no sign of Him… I grew anxious and panicky, and went in again, all over the place to search for Him. But I could find no trace of Him!

After nearly a half hour’s search, I came out with a very strange feeling of disappointment! I felt horripilated at His Presence with me, all the while, and His Absence was equally agonizing and mystifying! By now I was convinced, it was Sesha Mahaan who had come guiding me, all through!

As I continued my Girivalam, now alone, I was amazed, mystified, astonished at the happenings, and with Sesha Mahaan in my heart, I reached the ‘Esanya Lingam’. As I came out, after my prayers I met two elderly ladies, staunch Shaivaites by appearance.

I sought their help to complete my Girivalam, and very dutifully and amicably assisted me at every Shrine on the way, until I could finish my Girivalam.

Later that afternoon, I reached Sesha Mahaan’s Ashram, with the guidance of an auto-driver. I felt immensely grateful to the Lord for having accompanied me on Girivalam, and was filled with peace and joy at His Darshan.

After spending overwhelming moments at His Ashram, I returned home with my joyous dream fulfilled!

My Anantha Koti Namaskaarams to Avathar Sri Seshadri Swamigal…..

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Smt. Sheela, Mumbai

16th. January, 2012


Shri. Shankar’s Experience – Witnessing the Maha Deepam at Thiruvannamalai

Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae



With Mahan’s Grace I visited Thiruvannamalai and it was so wonderful and touching to see the Maha Deepam.

Thiruvannamalai was flooded with people that day. We never expected so much of a crowd. Our car stopped 4 km ahead of Guruji’s Samadhi Sthalam.

The day before we left for Thiruvannamalai, while chanting the Mahan Mantra I prayed to Mahan that as I’m taking my friends’ parents for the first time to Thiruvannamalai, all of us should have a comfortable journey. Suddenly I felt a voice within me: “GO TOMORROW, AND I WILL TAKE CARE….”

These experiences instill more faith in my heart.

I might have called 20 to 25 hotels for advance room booking in Thiruvannamalai and they were all house full and were booked for a week. But with Mahan and Guruji’s Grace I did find one newly built guest house “SESHA BHAVAN”. I called them and they said they did have 2 rooms available. It was much of a relief. This done, I booked the room and cab.

While on the way to Thiruvannamalai, the thought about the avaialability of the room, troubled me a lot. But something within me still gave me a feeling of reassurance that the rooms were still available!!

Soon after reaching Thiruvannamalai I called the guest house and to my surprise the owner told me that no matter what happens she would keep 2 rooms booked for us at any cost. Another great thing was that the guest house was very close to Guruji’s House.

When we entered our room I was so happy to see Mahan Sesha’s photo right in front of the door and the Holy Arunachala’s beautiful view through the window. This is truly Mahan’s Grace. He really took care of four of us amidst a flood of lakhs of people!!

Two years back, while speaking to Guruji over the phone, I told him that I wished to visit Thiruvannamalai on the occasion of Karthigai Deepam and He said it would happen once in my life time, and His words did come true, this year!!

Mahan is Great!! Guruji is Great!!




29th. November, 2010


MAHAAN’S and GURUJI’s Gift to Harsha – GiriPradakshinam

Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

MAHAAN’S and GURUJI’s Gift to Harsha – GiriPradakshinam

On the night of 3rd. April 2010, when we went to meet our Guruji, Sathguru Sri Rajalinga Swamigal, He had advised us to take our son Harsha, for a GiriPradhakshinam, during the Brahmamuhurtham hours (3 a.m. to 5 a.m.), by car, as per Sesha Mahaan’s instructions. Our Guruji had said that Mahaan, Incarnation of Lord Shiva – Sri Arunachaleshwara, would Grace Harsha, with the beautiful ethereal fragrances.

On the morning of 4th. April, as per Guruji’s instructions, we all set out for the Girivalam, at about 3:15 a.m. Harsha had just been woken up.

Our Divine Guruji, and our noble mentors Shri. Rajagopal and Shri. Murthy, were already on their Girivalam, as planned. As we turned into the Giripradhakshinam road, we met Guruji, and Shri. Rajagopal and Shri. Murthy. After seeking Guruji’s blessings, we had the Darshan of the magnificient Arunadri, we proceeded a few paces down the road.

Suddenly, a strong scent of Nalennai (Gingelly oil) and Shikakai (Soapnut powder), (used in a South Indian traditional oil bath), wafted in the air, and soon it grew overpowering. This was the fragrance of the Holy bath of Lord Shiva, (as Guruji had told us). Very anxious for Harsha to experience this Divinity, I quickly got Harsha down the car. Wondering if Harsha could sense anything, I asked him to look at Lord Arunachala Sesha, in the form of the Holy Hill, and chant “OM SATHGURU SRI SESHADRI SWAMIGAL THIRUVADIKKAE”. Suddenly, Harsha looking around, said, “I want to smell the ground”. It was bewildering to hear a statement like that from Harsha, since he was a child who had never spoken about his feelings, experiences, likes or dislikes, before. Before his words could sink in, he unexpectedly crawled down on to the road, and lay prostrate before Lord Shiva Sesha! After that, he chanted Sesha Mahaan’s Moola Manthra, 10 times.

All of us stood transfixed at that moment, and no words could ever fully do justice to what we felt at that moment!

(When we first met our Divine Guruji, in November, 2008, Harsha, a child affected by mild autism, had several problems with respect to temper, behaviour, emotions, food, sleep, wearing clothes, speech, communication, and socialization, and even looking at us!

Despite several kinds of therapies, it was soleley after we met Guruji, and received His Divine Blessings, and Sesha Mahaan’s Divine Grace and Merciful Love, that Harsha progressed very well, on his path to recovery.

Harsha, today, is a sweet and calm child, with hardly any issues, and he is beautifully picking up on his communication and socialization skills, through Mahaan and Guruji’s Benevolent Grace.)

Sesha Mahaan knew Harsha better than any of us! We were witness to the fact that Sesha Mahaan, made Harsha actually want to seek out Mahaan’s ethereal presence, and want to offer Mahaan, his Namaskaarams! (We did not know Harsha was capable of that!)

I wish to express what Harsha might have felt at that moment:

Sri Arunachala! Sesha GuruNatha!

I prostrate before You…

You are my Living Word,

You, are what I feel,

You are my Divine Light!

Who consumes me…

Your heart is my abode!

May I be with You

every living moment, My Lord,

For You have blessed Yourself to me…

We saw Guruji and Shri. Rajagopal, and they too were very surprised by Harsha’s gesture! It was Sesha Mahaan’s Leela!!

Soon after, we resumed our Girivalam, and Lord Arunachala Sesha Shiva, blessed us with different fragrances – that of wild flowers, Lavender, camphor, and the fragrance of the Holy smoke of the Maha Homam.

Frequently we got down from the car, and Harsha wanted to smell the ground a few more times, and he offered his Namaskaarams, to Lord Sesha, each time we got down. Admiring his spontaneity, we too offered our Namaskaarams to our Dear Lord Shiva Sesha.

Harsha was now wide awake, at this hour of the morning, like never before, we were all very happy for Harsha and were very grateful to our Supremely Compassionate Sesha Mahaan!

The Supremest of Mahaan’s Blessings was yet to come!

As we were approaching Adi Annamalai, we saw some fireworks in the sky, and heard people cheering and some music. We showed Harsha the fireworks, and he grew very happy and interested.

Further down, we saw a huge crowd of people, walking down the road, playing some music and drums. Wondering what it was all about, and thinking how we would get past the crowd, to resume our Giripradakshina, we just got near the spot where there was a small detour lane, to get around, back to the main path.

As we came out from this small lane, back to the road, we had managed to get ahead of this crowd. We now saw that it was actually a procession of the Gods, circumambulating the Hill of Arunadri! – the Utsava moorthis (the main deities of the temple (usually made in bronze), who are brought out in procession, during the times of special worship, and festivals, for the benefit of the bhakthas!)

We, along with Harsha, witnessed more fireworks, and jubiliation, and beautiful Kolams (Rangoli designs), to welcome the deities.

Arulmigu Sri Arunachaleshwara and His consort, Sri Apeethakuchambal, were beautifully decorated with flowers and garlands and beautiful jewellery, and garments, and a glimpse of the Utsavar was an arresting moment in our lives!

(We later learnt from Guruji, that this procession of Lord Annamalaiyar and Goddess Unnamulaiyamman, was very rare, and happens only 3 times a year!) AND, WE STANDING RIGHT IN FRONT OF GOD, WITNESSING THIS DIVINE EVENT!

This Divine Darshan of the Resplendant Lord Shiva and His ravishingly beautiful bride, Goddess Apeethakuchambal, stole our hearts!

Totally unaware of what was to come, we had set out on this auspicious day, for the Girivalam. It was for this very special Grace that Lord Sesha had instructed us to take Harsha for the Girivalam, and blessed us with the Darshan of the most precious and Divine events in Thiruvannamalai. It was Sesha Mahaan’s Leela again!

Harsha, and all of us took the Lord’s blessings, and we got back to our car. Overjoyed at the experience, we completed the circumambulation, with our hearts full of gladness and contentment.

Later after having completed the Girivalam, we were greatly honoured to meet our Divine Guruji, and all our noble mentors – Shri. C.S. Swaminathan, (Guruji also introduced us to Shri. C.S. Swaminathan, the senior most devotee of Avathar and Mahaan Sesha.) Shri. Rajagopal, and Shri. Murthy, at the Ramanashramam.

Our Benevolent guruji, Shri. C.S. Swaminathan, Shri. M.Rajagopal, Shri. A.K. Murthy

With Guruji’s Sathsang with all His disciples, all of us discussed how beautiful it was to witness God’s procession during the Giripradhakshinam.

Guruji and Mahaan had blessed us to witness this rare and Divine event!

Girivalam experiences – Vaishnavi, Santosh

Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

Every step in Arunachala Girivalam,

is a step closer to Mahaan Sesha!

To Whom will I bow,

but to You, my Lord,

Who are the expanse of my life!


The Majestic One – Perisher of all evil,

The Merciful One – who grants us our daily living,

The Beautiful One – who slowly and gently,

teaches us Sanmaargam,

Glory be to You….The Lord of the Cosmos!!

My Namaskaarams to my Divine Guru,

Sathguru Sri Rajalinga Swamigal

(Incarntaion of Lord Sesha)

My Namaskaarams to my Divine ParamaGuru,

ParaBrahmmam, Avathar Sri Seshadri Swamigal

(The Lord of the Universe, the Eternal Consciousness

Incarnation of Lord Shiva & Lord Vishnu,

Our Supreme Force)

On the morning of 3rd. April, 2010, we (My Husband Shri .Santosh and  Smt.Vaishnavi Santosh Bangalore) were blessed by the Auspicious presence of our Guruji, Sathguru Sri Rajalinga Swamigal, who Graced us by guiding and accompanying us on the Giripradhakshinam of the Holy Arunachala.

With the Holy blessings of our Guru and ParamaGuru, and with the  Love that that the beautiful and grand Arunadri exuded, and inspired in us, we began the Giripradhakshinam, close to 3 a.m., in the auspicious hours of the BrahmaMuhurtham, from near Sri Ramana Ashramamam.

With the Darshan of Sri Arunachaleshwara, as we turned into the Girivalam intersection, Lord Sesha, Incarnation of  Sri Arunachaleshwara, welcomed us with the enamouring fragrance of the Jasmine, in the early hours of a warm summer morning. It was a very warm welcome, it was the warm abode of our Sesha Shiva….the warmth of home….


The Lord of Supreme Beauty!

The Lord of Boundless Grace!

You awaken the soul

With the Aroma of Love…

In Your Brilliance

lies this Bright and Fragrant flower,

that adorns Your

Tender Heart!

May I always worship You Noble Feet

With the Divine Jasmine..

Carrying our happiness in our heart, still in the dark of the early morning, we were blessed to walk under the beauty of the moon, that shone so beautifully upon the splendid LingaRoopa of Lord Shiva!

O Sesha! Beautiful Moonshine!

O Lord of the skies!

How beautifully You assume different forms!

You are the Holy Hill!

You are the Radiant Moon!

And yet how beautifully You shine upon Your own Linga Roopa!

With Guruji’s and Sesha Mahaan’s Grace, immersed in the beauty of Shiva Sesha, as we approached the Varuna Lingam, we were greeted by the refreshing smell of the orange peel, akin to Neroli oil. (Orange oil or Neroli oil, are essential oils, that are supposed to refresh one’s soul, and calm one’s nerves.)

To realize how much God cares for us, how He wipes out our worries, and rejuvenates us with new hope, is what I felt when Sesha blessed us with the fragrance of the Orange.


With the sweet smell of Orange,

You have set our hearts aglow, my Lord

To see the Dawn of Hope

Tranquil & Happy,

To receive Your Mighty Grace!

As we proceeded on our walk, our Blessed Guruji began to expound on the marvel,ARUNACHALA!

The Hill of Arunadri has 5 peaks, (at-Pancha Mukha Darshan-11 kms from Sri Arunachaleshwar Temple on the Giri Pradakshina Road)  that symbolize Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvathi, Lord Ganesha, Lord Karthikeya, and Sri Chandikeshwara.

As one walks along, the different peaks seem to merge into each other, and sometimes emerge from one another. Visually, it is a beautiful play of the visual forces.. The union of the many into the One, is the essence of  Advaitha philosophy.

Everything unites into the Lord of our Universe – Shiva Sesha. Sesha means REMINDER-i.e.The Absolute-The Lord of Universe-Shiva for us.-Shiva Sesha.

As we continued our way, soon, there was a burst of aroma, one of Lavender, – a flower whose fragrance heals the body, mind and heart! It is not surprising to note that a flower with a tint of the Divine colour of purple (The colour of Lord Shiva – the blue light), can have such restorative effects on the Bhaktha’s being.

All the stress and exhaustion that we carried in our minds were dispelled, by this beautiful gift of Sesha!

Sesha! The Divine Light!

Your Divine Presence alone

can wipe away all my sins

bringing peace to my troubled heart!

As the Bhaktha walks around the Hill, awe-inspired by Shiva’s grandeur and glory, the Lord’s Love for His Bhaktha, enraptures the heart, through waves of magnetic attraction. These ethereal waves of Love reach us, wafting in the breeze as beautiful, delectable fragrances.

The Love of our Lord, makes us look up to Him….

ARUNACHALA is Heaven on earth. Every morning, during the hours of the BrahmaMuhurtham (3 a.m. To 5 a.m.), Guruji explained to us, the rituals of the Lord, and the Devas, and other celestial Gods, can be experienced, if one rests his heart in the Lord Himself.

Lord Shiva’s Holy Bath, is followed by the morning Homam and Poojas performed by the Devas, and the MahaRishis.  This is followed by the MahaNivedhanam (offering of food to the Lord). All these sacred rituals are performed in the early hours of the morning (before sunrise), the BrahmaMuhurtham literally, the span of time, when the Gods and the Divine beings become pleased with man, and shower Their Grace on him.

As we were passing through Adi Annamalai, there was suddenly the fragrance of gingelly oil and shikakai (sesame oil and soapnut powder) powder! Guruji explained to us that this was the Holy bath of Lord Shiva. To be audience to such Divine rituals, is a matter of great fortune! What can the mind think, when it is dazed by such heavenly brilliance!

It was around 5:30 a.m. – the time for the Divine Naivedhyam to the Lord. As we were eagerly anticipating what was in store for us, the enticing aroma of Sakkarai Pongal (Sweet Pongal), wafted across our faces!

It was a humbling feeling to feel how the Gods had endeared us to offer the Divine MahaPrasaadam.

As we we were nearing the spot of the Panchamukha Darshanam (the spot where all the 5 peaks (facets) of Annamalaiyar are visible), the fragrance of Champaka flowers, rose-water, karpooram (camphor), and chandanam (sandalwood), enveloped us.

Lord Sesha! Divine Beauty!

We immerse ourselves in Your Glory,

You are the Heavenly Sandalwood,

That draws our mind to Your Sublime Self.

You are the brilliant camphor,

that kindles my soul with Grace.

You are the Ethereal Champaka flower,

whose fragrance is unmatched.

You are the Cool and Pristine rose-water,

flowing gently and deeply in our hearts.

Soon, our path turned towards, the ton road, which led on to the Isanya Lingam, and then finally, the Indra Lingam. As we made our way through this stretch of the Girivalam, my walk got very difficult. The roads were very stony and gritty. Guruji has said that the more difficult the path gets, the more one’s karmas (past deeds) get washed away.(you have to walk without foot wear).

Guruji, very patiently waited for us, as I almost struggled to finish the last stretch of the Giripradakshinam. Towards the final stretch, we were blessed with a very beautiful Darshanam of a small cloud crowning the peak of Sri Arunachala Shiva. Guruji said, it was like the vibhuthi (sacred ash) beautifying the forehead of Lord Shiva. It was a splendid spectacle!

The varying expressions and forms of the Holy ARUNACHALA are truly breath-taking and awe-inspiring. The Holy land of Thiruvannamalai is truly one, of Supreme Power, Magnetic attraction, and Divine Miracles!

Guruji, without Your Divine presence, my life would have remained meaningless. Thank You forever and forever, my Dear Guruji.

To You, my Holy Guru, I prostrate….

May I always serve You with Devotion and Love…

My Anantha Koti Namaskaarams, to You, Guruji…

My Anantha Koti Namaskaarams, to You, Sesha Mahaan…

I shall gladly tread upon stones, my Lord

for they take me to You, Lord Sesha!

– Smt.Vaishnavi Santosh, Bangalore


Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvaddikae


04.04.2010. 20.53pm.

It was a wonderful experience on Wed, April 1st, early morning Girivalam.

It was your presence that instilled confidence to complete the 14 kms.

Before April 1st, (past weeks) I had the experience of reciting in my dreams for a long time. This was going on till we left on 31st. On the 31st March we met you and discussed life with you. Then you said, we will leave at 3:15am next day morning.

Once I also had the doubt “will i be able to complete 14 km?” Then I said, when Guruji walking by side, will be able to complete the track. I set the alarm to 2..15 am so that we get ready by an hour. Suddenly, 2 am I felt “wetness, drops” on my neck, heard, “get up it’s 2 am.” Maybe, was I “sweating on my neck?”

We were ready and started the walk. It’s a very unforgettable experience in my life time. Three more devotees joined us. Jasmine fragrance gave us the start. All along Shri Guruji shared the spiritual information about the Malai. He also showed us the spots where our Great Mahan asked our Guruji to sit and medidate. We walked …walked …many people took lead over us. Second fragrance was flowers…

We came across Shri Ramana Maharishi’s palam. Our Guruji told us about Shri Ramana’s life and he used to sit on the “palam” during his Girivalam. Third fragrance….smoke coming from  a “havan”. Guruji said, Devas are doing “havan” Fourth fragrance….I immediately said, it’s ;pongal. Then came icecream flavor…and so many many.

Guruji showed us the peaks. How they fall back, (from different angles, while we walked) one-after-other and finally become ONE. It’s total “happiness” till the end.

Exactly at the end  of 7th km, my wife could not continue. We slowed down.  All along we visited all the Shiv lingas till the end of the trip. I persuaded my wife to come along slowly and it’s Mahan’ grace we all completed the girivalam. It took us nearly 6 hours. Once completed, I told Guruji, we will come back to walk again and to visit the places  where Ramana Maharishi medidated. I left Thiruvannamalai “half-heartedly” as one has  to move on to other commitments.

Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvaddikae

Om Saravana Bhava

Sundara rajan
New Delhi.


Experiences with Swamiji during

Holy Arunachala Girivalam


The Holy Arunachala also referred  to as Thiruvannamalai has long been regarded as Lord Shiva Incarnate in the form of Shiva Lingam and bestows divine Grace on all the faithful worshippers irrespective of caste and creed. Our Swamiji , Sathguru Sri Rajalingal Swamigal   has circumambulated the Holy Arunachala Hundreds of times and has recounted to His shishyas,  Divine Experiences enroute the Girivalam (also called Giri Pradakshina or circumambulation)). Swamiji explained to us that during the Brahma Muhurtham time – 3.00 A.M to 5.00 P.M,  various  Devatas, in their customary worship of Lord Shiva, pass the route of Giri Prdakshina (anti-clockwisw direction)and bestow their blessings on the devotees .

Shishyas from Bengaluru  – Sri. Santosh  and Smt. Vaishnavi;  & from Mumbai/ Pune – Sri. M.Rajagopal and Sri. A.K. Murty were fortunate enough to accompany Swamji during the Girivalam Scheduled on 3rd and 4th April 2010. We are pleased to share with the Avathar  Seshadri  Bhaktha Samajam Members our wonderful and divine experience attained thanks to the grace of Guruji, Sathguru Sri. Rajalinga Swamigal.

Preparation for the Parikrama (Girivalam)

We woke up early in the morning about 02.00 A.M  took our bath and after prayers, joined Swamiji at the appointed time 03.00 A.M at Thamarai Nagar, closest to Seshadri Swamigal Ashram and Ramana Maharishi Ashram. Forehead smeared with Vibhuti, Barefooted, with clean veshti and bare chested we set forth with an austere beginning.     Swamiji instructed us to keep the Mind steadfast in the Bhakthi and all of us chanted our Guru Mantra ‘OM SATHGURU SRI SESHADRI SWAMIGAL THIRUVADIKKAE’.   Swamiji explained to us that Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal being an Avathar of Lord Shiva  resides within our SELF  and accompanies us in our passage of Life  – removing all obstacles and making  us realize the True Purpose of our Birth.  Thus disciplined, we were of a single goal of obtaining Lord Shivas Grace during the Girivalam.  Swamiji kindly explained to us the sanctity of Girivalam, Arunachala Mahima and identified wonderful moments all through the trip.  The Eight directions of Arunachala  have been identified along the perimeter road leading to Girivalam  and Shiva Temples have  been installed  as per the Agama Sastras. We paid our respects to the Eight  directions  of Lord  Shiva. Following directions were explained to us by Swamiji.










We  started   receiving the aroma of  Arali Flowers fragrance and permeated us for a  long  time. We learnt that these aromas were generated from the Holy Arunachala and we felt the presence of our Master and Lord Sathguru Srt Seshadri Swamigal beckoning us to Lord Shivas Land. The scents were punctuated with scents of wild flowers which lifted our spirits and made light of the exertion during the walk.

More blessings were in store for us all through the Parikrama. Exactly as our Swamiji explained to us rarest of the rare fragrances associated with celestial worship engulfed us, although for fleeting moments.  Swamiji informed us by His Gnana Drishti that all Devas were performing their worship of Lord Shiva at this moment and step by step different Abhishekhas (Ablutions) were being performed for Lord Shiva.  The First of the offerings started with the ceremonial bath with Sesame Oil followed by Shikhakai wash ( Soap Nut Powder).  As the Lord is Vast,  yet reaches out to His children in every possible way,  all of us partook of the scents emanating  from the Lord.

Swamiji identified different facets of Arunachala wherein, we were able to see the various Manifestations of Lord Shiva by signifying the  peaks  such as  ‘ARUNACHALA – The Father  with  UNNAMULAI – The mother, LORD KARTHIKEYA – The God Of Warfare & Protector, LORD GANESHA – The God of Success and Wisdom and finally LORD SHIVA HIMSELF in His Universal Form.  We were delighted to see the peaks in successive formations during the Parikrama. Swamiji explained to us the significance of Gauthama Rishi, during the Parikrama.  Gauthama Rishi was ordained to worship Lord Shiva and pass on the blessings to the true devotees of The Lord.

Gautama said:

I worshipped the Lingas installed by sages and bathed in all Tirthas. Finally I had darshan of Arunagiri, the Linga in the form of the famous Hill Arunachala. I prayed: Lord Arunachala the Supreme Self! By merely looking at Thee one obtains the merit that accrues by following all the dharma. One need not practice austerities thereafter. Even Devas wish to dwell in this abode of Thine. This is the only place in the world where one can see a Linga in the form of a Hill. This form constitutes three kinds of powers (Sakthi).

Sonachala (Shiva) said:

Make it clear to all that Arunachala (Annamalai) in this physical form, composed of earth, is truly Shiva. I shall describe to you the Lingas on the earth, which are in the subtle form. You may worship ME in accordance with the Agamas and with the power of your austerities.”

Saying this, Sambhu revealed HIMSELF to me as Shiva. On seeing this Linga adorned with all kinds of ornaments, I felt that the goal of my life has been attained.

Lord Shiva said:

I listen to the prayers of devotees at that spot and grant the boons desired by them. I pardon all the faults of those who adore ME. Gautama! You must examine the Agamas and prescribe the methods of worshipping ME. Let special poojas be conducted on full-moon days. Let thousands of Chathrams (Choultry) supply free food on that day. Let everyone make gifts according to his ability.”

Gowri seeks the advice of Sage Gautama

Gowri repents Her act of slaying the Demon Mahishasura!

Parvathi went to the Maharshi Gautama and said:

This devotee of Shiva was killed by ME. I am therefore overcome by sorrow. O! Sage! You do know Dharma! I wanted to protect the Devas. While fulfilling my promise, although for the protection of the Devas, I have committed an act of Adharma. This Linga which was around his neck clings to MY hand. How shall I expiate the sin of killing a devotee of Shiva?”

Gautama who was well versed in the Dharma of Shiva replied:

Gowri! Do not fear that You erred by having killed a devotee of Shiva. Mahisha could not be conquered by the Devas not because he had the good fortune to possess the Linga, but because he had to be killed only by you, the beloved of Shiva.

It is said that a Linga worn without proper initiation, will bring ruin upon the wearer. He swerved away from the virtuous path by his evil counsels. In any case, the sight of this Noble Hill, is a sure means to expiate all sins.”

We were treated to the Full blessings of Lord Shiva in His Astral form through additional fragrances appearing in sequence as if it were to take place as part of The Celestial Offerings to The Lord. We had long whiffs of Rose Flowers, Lavender Flowers, Champaka (Shenbhagam) and Tulasi.  The Aromas were followed up with the fragrance of Homam to the Lord with dried Cow Dung    (Varali ) and Ghee.The Lord wanted us to witness the complete Pooja in its unique form by giving us the Camphor Offering for a very long spell.

Incidentally, several devotees too passed our way and many of the ladies identified that Arati appeared to be performed near by, giving the Fragrance of Karpoora (Camphor) ! How could we explain to them that in reality celestial offerings were in progress at the realm of The Lord Himself in the Universal form of Lingam in the visible (Uruva Nilai) and Invisible Form (Subtle State).

All Poojas  have their Finale with Theerthams and Prasadams being partaken of by the True Devotees.  We were all treated to the Theertha Prasad consisting of Pancha Kavyam .  This was followed by the Aroma of Sarkarai Pongal complete with the flavor of cows ghee and all the condiments and spices . All of us were instantly transported to a blissful state, where nothing needed to be seen; but had to be experienced in the company of our Pujya Guruji Sathguru Sri Rajalinga Swamigal.  We all had our senses in their places; but it was The Guru and Master – who had tuned the Senses to receive the Lords Gift during the Girivalam (Circumumbulation)

Is this the Heaven or The Earth ?   – We all seem to be in between, thanks to the sweetest play of our Master Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal and our Guruji Sathguru Sri Rajalinga Swamigal – We have just been witness to the Divine Experience so Gracefully and Bountifully Endowed on us  by the Lord Shiva in The Form of The Holy Arunachala.

This rare experience is not Privy or exclusive to a few devotees. This feast is open to one and all – Come with a True Heart, Open Mind, Bhakthi to the Lord Shiva and Deepest reverence to Sathguru Sri  Seshadri Swamigal. We are grateful to Sathguru Sri Rajalinga Swamigal for giving us the True Eyes, True Mind, True Senses and above all Good health and the opportunity to witness the Celestial Experience.

Our Journey to Tiruvannamalai – A Saga of Miracles (Shri. Sivaraman, Mumbai)

Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae


S.Sivaraman, Mumbai.

Avathar Sesha Bhaktha Samajam Members,

Our Journey to Tiruvannamalai

– A Saga of Miracles

(S.Sivaraman & Family, Mumbai)

We  decided to make a trip to Tiruvannamalai on 24th to 27th December 2009. Since 2003, we are receiving grace from Avathar Sri Seshadri Swamigal through the blessings and Divine Guidance from our Guruji regularly. The train tickets as well as accommodation there were not confirmed. On 24th morning,   the day we were to leave for Tiruvannamalai, at 5.30am from Mumbai.  When I saw the ‘PNR’ no it was confirmed on the internet ! We thanked Mahaan Avathar Seshadri Swamigal) for this miracle.

On 25th evening we reached after a nice bus journey, from Tirupattur to Tiruvannamalai. Guruji guided us during the bus journey when sms was flashed like we are at the turning and Javvadhu Hills is visible, (The route was Tirupattur  to Tiruvannamalai).

Our stay at Ramanashram was not confirmed, but when we reached, 2 rooms were allotted to us!! Again thanks to Mahaan- a miracle!

The same evening we met Guruji and immediately felt peace, a contrast to the busy confusion, noise and hectic life at Mumbai. We sought his blessings. (25th December is my birth day) Guruji touched me in between my eye brows (Agjna Chakra- for “Spariksha initiation) with his right hand thump. I felt different shades of colours like waves in front of my closed eyes. Gurui explained me that the colours represent deities in formless shapes. My wife Smt. Mekala, my daughter  Bhagyashree and my son Anirudh have seen violet colours. Guruji explained that violet colour represent Sesha and Lord Shiva in formless shape( the Lord of universe for us). And Guruji said it is “Self illumination”. It is a rare event experienced by bhakthas of Sesha and shishyas of our guruji. we spent 2 hours with Guruji.

Girivalam (giripradakshina)

The following morning at 3 a.m. as directed by Guruji we set out on Girivalam. Guruji accompanied us. At, we reached Pazhani Andavan temple where we got  Vibhuti  fragrance but a few steps later we got strong smell of sandalwood. A great miracle! Guruji explained it was the blessings of Annamalaiyar (Lord Shiva) and saints.

It was around 4.30 near Suddananda Ashram where we got the aroma of Vadai.(a receipe made of urad dhal ). Guruji explained it was naivedyam performed during Muhurtha kala (3 am to 6am) by Gods and Rishis in subtle inside  the Hill!!  Soon we were lucky to get fragrance of Lavender at around  5.15 a.m,  at Varuna Lingam.

Only the 2 children could obtain Vibhuti and Lavender fragrance at intervals between 5.30 & 6.30 a.m. We were truly blessed! But everything vanished once we entered the town. Soon we completed our Girivalam at 6.30am (Circumumbulation -14 kms) & sought the blessings of Guruji. Surprisingly there was no tiredness. Avathar Seshadri Swamigal had truly graced us!!

Again in the evening we went to Guruji’s place to have one more blessings. Guruji (Sri Rajalinga Swamigal) initiated all of us (Spariksha –by touching in between the eye brows. Agjna Chakra) and awakened our souls, through His thapas shakthi.

That night (26th night) my son Anirudh had vibhuti (sancitfied ash) fragrance in the room at Ramanshram aroung 12.30 midnight! He felt a lot of vibration around his head and body. He was in Ecstasy due to Guruji’  touch . What a miracle! The next day morning we went to Guruji’s place to explain this. We don’t know how to bring Anirudh back to normal.Again Guruji touched Anirudh’s Agjna Chakra. Immediately he returned to normal state!

Obeying Guruji’s order is always imperative! Guruji  instructed us, ”You have to reach Thiruvannamalai bus station before 12.30pm”

We were to be at the bus station by 12 to 12.30 on 27th Dec 2009 morning to catch the bus to Bangalore, but reached only around 1 p.m. Hence a  delay  of nearly 2 hrs made us get a bus to Hosur around 2.30 p.m.

We reached Bangalore around 8pm.

We caught the train for Mumbai on 28th early morning. A thief cut our bag at night but Mahan’s grace once again saved us a loss of money, because he went only as far as the Vibhuti  Prasadam given by Guruji!!  Sesha and Guruji’s  Vibhuthi are one and same.

Thanks to Avathar Seshadri Swamigal (Incarnation of Shiva)  and Guruji . we had a very wonderful   journey   to  Tiruvannamalai.

Thanks to Mahan we had a very wonderful   journey   to  Tiruvannamalai.

Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

Thank you Members.




Girivalam – Inner Path!

Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

Girivalam – Inner Path!

அன்புள்ள சேஷ பக்தர்களுக்கும் என் சிஷ்யர்களுக்கும் நமஸ்காரம்.

இன்று காலை கிரிவலம் (giri-pradhakshinam) உள் பாதை (inner-path) வழியாக, காலை 6 மணிக்கு சேஷ பக்தர் திரு. சந்திர மௌலீஸ்வர் உடன், ஸ்ரீ ரமணாஸ்ரமம்  பின்புறம் வழியாக சென்றோம். அந்த பாதையில்  பஞ்சமுக தரிசனம் வரை (10 km ) செல்லலாம். மிகவும் கரடு முரடாக இருக்கும். ஏற்கனவே தனியாக 2 முறை சென்றுள்ளேன். ஒத்தையடி பாதை. சற்று இருட்டாக இருந்ததால் வழி மாறி விட்டோம். மழை பெய்து புதர்கள் நிரம்பி இருந்தது. அடையாள மார்க் தெரியவில்லை.உடன் அங்கிருந்த சிறு பாறையில் அமர்ந்து, ஓம் சத் குரு ஸ்ரீ சேஷாத்ரி ஸ்வாமிகள் திருவடிக்கே, என 5 நிமிடம் மந்திரம் ஓதினோம். மீண்டும் எழுந்ந்து சற்று தூரம் நடந்தோம். கிழக்கே பார்! சேஷாவின் குரல் ஒலித்தது ! என்ன ஆச்சரியம்.! அந்த காட்டில் ஒரு காலேஜ் மாணவர் நின்று கொண்டிருந்தார் , ஸ்ரீ சேஷன் வடிவிலே! வழி கேட்டோம். அவர் பெயர் கணேஷ்! நாங்கள் நின்ற இடமே (முன்னாள் புதர் இருந்ததால் தெரியவில்லை.) சரியான வழி என்றார்.ஆனால் புதரில்  குனிந்து வழி காட்டினார். ! பிறகு என்ன சேஷன் காட்டிய அடையாள  குறியுடன் கிரிவலம் முடித்தோம்.

நன்றி. வணக்கம்.

குருவும் சிஷ்யரும்
. 29.12.09.

Shri. Sunder Raman’s experience on Guru Mantra and Giri Valam

Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

Shri. Sunder Raman’s experience on Guru Mantra and Giri Valam

3 years back I met with a major accident and had to be operated on my left leg 2 inches above the angle with multiple fractures. Both the bones broke in 15 pieces. A steel plate had to be inserted to give support and to heal. It took me 8 months for healing and to start walking without walker.

Till six months back I used to get swelling on my leg near the ankle due to daily office routine and wearing shoes. There used to be pain during the night and it used to subside by the day.

I happened to be in Thiruvannamalai on 5th & 6th of September 2009, I took the blessings on our guruji and proceeded for Giri Valam. I couldn’t walk beyond 8 Kms and my leg started paining. To complete the Giri Valam, I took an auto and reached Seshadri Swamigal Ashram.

It didnt go well in my mind as i wasn’t able to finish the entire stretch, but one good thing to happen for my leg was that the swelling never occured later on.

This was amazing and, i had made up my mind to visit Thiruvannamalai again and complete the entire stretch. I happen to be there yesterday 25th December 2009.

This time i was accompanied with my Mama Prof.N. S. Venkatasubramaniam, who is 63 years old and he would be doing the Giri Valam after 20 long years. We both were worried if would be able to complete. We both started off for Giri Valam after seeking blessings from Guruji. We were chanting the mantra and walking at a regular pace. This time we were able to successfully complete the entire path.

With Mahaan’s blessings we were able to complete. Such is the power of Guru mantra, and Giri Valam.


Sunder Raman

dear mr.sunder raman,

your thrilling experience of your having completed the girivalam despite your having undergone a major operation and going thro severe pain and swelling post operative complications.finally you have completed your mission of completing the girivalam with no attendant pain or swelling which had bothered you earlier.this is yet another manifestation of MAHAN”S MIRACLE on seshabhkthas like you consequent to the implicit faith and belief in the mantras of MAHAN and GURUJI.i am sure this girivalam of yours will be the starting
point for your complete and total recovery.

no power in this universe is more powerful than the power of faith which is amply demonstrated by your experience.

warm regards,


GIRI PRADHAKSHINAM – an experience….

Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae


“Shiva Sesha, Shiva Sesha, Shiva Shiva Seshaave…”

Girivalam – 14th. December, 2009 – 3:51 a.m.

அற்புதமான காட்சி அருளும் என் நாதா!
உனக்கு அன்ந்த கோடி நமஸ்காரம்!
ஆதி அந்தம் இல்லாத சேஷனே
நீ ஒரு அவதார புருஷனே!
அண்ணாமலையின் மறு உருவமே!
சிவனின் மானிட ரூபனே!
சூக்ஷ்மத்தில் (தற்போது) சிவனாக இருப்பவனே! பரிபூரணனே!
பனை உயர பாவங்களையும் பொசுக்கி
பாபவினாசா! ஸ்ரீ சேஷா!

சிவனை சேஷனாக நமஸ்கரிப்போம்!
சிறந்த புகழுக்கு உறியவரும்,
ஞான வடிவினறும்,
ஆசைகளை பூர்த்தி செய்து சிறந்தவரும்,
மங்களங்களை அளிப்பவரும்,
இருதயத்தில் உறைபவருமான
சேஷனை நமஸ்கரிப்போம்!

(- அவதார் சேஷாத்ரி ஸ்வாமிகள், “சேஷனும் பக்தர்களும்”,

சேஷ பாமாலை)

The Shrine of Arulmigu Sri Arunachaleshwara, as seen from Skanda Ashramam

No temple is dearer to my heart than the Arulmigu Sri Arunachaleshwarar Shrine at Thiruvannamalai. I say this because of a very special feeling this temple has evoked in me. I have visited several temples in TamilNadu, but never have I been drawn so magnetically, to a sacred space, like this one!

Each time, I return from Thiruvannamalai, I do so, with a heavy heart, yearning to go back there… Every visit to this Divine temple, has left me with a soul-stirring feeling, that lingers for a long time in the innermost sanctums of the heart… a yearning to return, to seek the warm nest of Home…to my Lord, my Master!

Thiruvannamalai, has blessed me with everything one could ask for –

மாதா, பிதா, குரு, தெய்வம் my parents, my Master, my Lord!

My Venerable Guruji, Mahaan Sesha and Arunachala Shiva, are the presiding deities of Thiruvannamalai….and, my heart…

My Guru is my Lord, my Lord is my Guru…

In Him (my Guru) is Sesha, (the Lord of the Universe),

Sesha is Arunachaleshwara !

சிவ சேஷா, சிவ சேஷா, சிவ சிவ சேஷாவே!

மா மலை எல்லாம் மலை அல்ல
அண்ணாமலையே ஆதி மலை
ஆதி மலையில் அண்ணாமலையின்
மானிட ரூபனை
அவதரித்த சேஷாத்ரியே!
நீரே பக்தர்களின் மனதில் குடி கொண்டுள்ளாய்
குடிகொண்டுள்ள குணாதீதா!
குணாதீதனாம் சேஷனை போற்றி பாடுவோமே!
ஆனந்த கூத்தாடுவோமே! “

(- அவதார் சேஷாத்ரி ஸ்வாமிகள், “சேஷனும் பக்தர்களும்“,

சேஷ பாமாலை)

My recent visit to Thiruvannamalai was a very special one, since we were graced by the Lord, that we could go on a Giripradakshinam, guided by Our Guruji!

During the pristine hours of the Brahma Muhurtham (the auspicious time between 3 a.m. And 4 a.m.), on the morning of 14th. December, 2009, we followed the footsteps of our Guruji, Sathguru Sri Rajalinga Swamigal, on the holy Pradakshina of the sacrosanct hill, Arunadri, where Our Mahaan resides!

At about 3:51 a.m., when the dark of the dawn was ready to welcome the the brilliance of the Lord Arunachala, we started on our Girivalam, with the japa of the moola mantra of our Parama Guru, Avathar Sri Seshadri Swamigal. An incarnation of Arunachala Himself, Mahaan Sesha Brahmmam is the Divine Consciousness… Infinity and Eternity…

With Mahaan’s Mantra (the essence of Arunachala) in our hearts, and the benevolent grace of our Guruji, and the grandiloquent Arunadri, by our side, the grace of Our Lord was palpable, with a warmth that was so moving. This magical warmth, intensified my faith, courage, determination and our love for our immaculate Seshadri Natha!

The more you think about Him, the deeper He dwells in Your heart!…

Passing stretches of well lit wide open expanses, there was a short stretch of road, with shaded canopies, that we had to pass. It was pitch dark, and we held on to the light of the Maha-Deepam in our mind’s eye. Wondrously, it felt like we were walking into our innermost recesses of our hearts! It was a short stretch of road to self-analysis, before we would see the Holy light again! It felt like we were walking into the garbha-gruham (sanctum sanctorum) of the shrine, to find the “Apraakrutha Tejomaya Lingam – Mahaan Sesha”, at the end of the passage!

சேஷா! எனக்கு, உன்னை உள்ளவாறு காட்டி அருளினாய்;
என் அறிவுக்கு பேரறிவாக உள்ள மூலப்பொருளான உன்னை,
உள்ளவாறு காட்டினாய்;
நீயே தேஜோமயம்,
ஸர்வ மயம்,
ப்ரம்ம மயம்;
கொன்றை ம்லர்களால், உன் திருவடிகளை சிவனாக நினைத்து
சேவிக்கிறேன், சேஷ ப்ரம்மனே!

(- அவதார் சேஷாத்ரி ஸ்வாமிகள், “சேஷனும் பக்தர்களும்”,

சேஷ பாமாலை)

It was a humbling experience to offer our little prayers to the colossal Arunachala Shiva – Sesha – the effulgent Lord, who had assumed here, such magnificient proportions, to bless this world, and rid it of darkness.

Our first obeisance to Arunachala Shiva, was with Guruji’s description of how Mahaan Sesha viewed Arunachala with the crescent moon (in the Karthigai night sky) – with the Thevaram:

பித்தா பிறை சூடி, பெருமானே அருளாளா…!”

(The Lord adorned with the crescent moon,…bless us…)

What a beautiful verse, to describe the beauty of Shiva!

With the break of dawn, the golden glow of Arunachala sets your heart on fire, with unceasing passion for the resplendant Lord!

First, we approached the Samadhi of the Holy Isakkiya Siddhar, a saint who had extraordinary powers. He would sit and gaze at the Sun God, all through the afternoon hours, without a blink. He had graced the Holy Mother Uma Deviar, with a vision of what Arunadri looked like. He had performed an anga-pradhakshinam (circumambulation, prostrate on the ground), a thousand and eight times, around the Divine Hill!

Guruji explained to us the significance of the various facets of Arunachala. From this spot, we could have a Panchmukha darshanam of Arunadri – the view of the five peaks of Arunachala. The five peaks (from left to right), constituted – Lord Chandikeshwarar, Lord Ganesha, Lord Subrahmanya, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi.

As we continued, our spiritual experience was blessed by the Divine Gods! Fragrances of karpooram (camphor), agarbatthi (incense), ghee, flowers, vibhuthi (sacred ash) and chandanam (sandalwood), began to emanate from the Holy Hill! They continued to linger, every few minutes. We also felt the fragrance of a Homam being performed!

As we walked on, we were awe-inspired and overwhelmed by Guruji’s narration of the innumerable accounts of grace showered by Para-Brahmmam Seshadri Swamigal, on His devotees, and His blessings on them, through His leelas (miracles).

What words could describe the love and compassion Sesha Mahaan had, for His Bhakthas (devotees), – Sesha Bhagavan is the Lord of the Lords!

பொன் மலையாம் அண்ணாமலையில் வாழும்
ஸ்ரீ (மஹாலக்ஷ்மி) சேஷா!
பஞ்ச்மா பாவங்களும் பொய்யாய்விடுமே
உன் பாதம் பற்றினால், ஸ்ரீ சேஷா!
உன் பாத சேவை என் காலம் முழுவதும் செய்திட
அனுமதி கொடுத்திடுவாய்
ஸ்ரீ சேஷா!

(- அவதார் சேஷாத்ரி ஸ்வாமிகள், “சேஷனும் பக்தர்களும்”,

சேஷ பாமாலை)

Different manifestations of the Devas, and the Siddhapurushas, through the different fragrances, are the blessing(s) of the Gods! When man circumambulates the Holy Hill, clock-wise (Pradhakshinam), the Gods of the Heavens, and the Heavenly Beings, descend on their Giripradhakshina, in an anti-clockwise (Apradhakshinam) direction. They then shower their bounty and grace on the mortals, in the realm of Lord Shiva.

The mystic aura of the Arunachala Shivasthalam, is such that, even involuntarily, one cannot think of anything but Shiva! Stepping into Thiruvannamalai, would drench one’s soul in the essence of Shiva! Such is the magnetic attraction, of this magnificient Hill, Arunadri! Once having set foot here, it is difficult not to feel the heart continually drawn to Arunachala. Having had a Darshanam of Lord Sri Annamalaiyar and Goddess Apeethakuchambal, and Shiva as the grand Hill, the lingering feeling of Arunachala, persists, and gradually grows into cravings and yearnings, which further grow into stronger passions to behold the Lord and His consort! Thiruvannamalai is a soul-sanctifying place, one cannot easily leave behind…

Never can there be a soul who is not brought back to this sacred soil! The warm rays of Arunachala Shiva stretch to the limits of the skies and the seas, – one cannot ever forget this shrine on earth!

Girivalam in this miraculous kingdom of Lord Shiva, transports one into higher realms of thought and feeling, and transforms our souls!

Walking further, we saw how, from a different angle, the Hill revealed two prominent peaks – one representing Lord Shiva, and another, Parvathi Devi. From yet another angle, further down the road, these two peaks merged into one – symbolizing the Divine union of Shiva and Parvathi, the union of Paramathma and Jeevathma, the essence of Advaitha. Could there be more wonderful and holier ground in all of creation!

Visting the eight Lingams on the Girivalam path, we finally came to the shrine of the “Isanya Lingam”. Guruji explained that ‘Isanyam’ (the North-Eastern direction) was the direction of the Gods, and at this spot, gather all Gods, to shower their grace on humans. Prostrating to the Lords, at this spot, would be a high blessing to our souls!

We were very fortunate to have a Darshanam of the Paal Abhishekam (the annointment with milk) for the Isanya Lingam.

Further in our pradakshinam, Guruji showed us the Samadhi of Isakky Gnaana Desikar, a staunch devotee of Sri Arunachaleshwara. There was always a crowd of devotees thronging to see him. He used to flee to the forests, to perform his penance undisturbed. Once he was even pursued by men to the forests. Lord Arunachaleshwara and Goddess Apeethakuchambal came to his rescue. They assumed the form of lions, guarding him from the rest of the world, for his undisturbed meditation!

Such is the glory of Sri Arunachaleshwara!

As we proceeded with Guruji, we had a glimpse of the Skanda Ashramam, and the Virupaksha Cave, where Ramana and Para-Brahmmam Sri Seshadri Swamigal spent their hours in meditation.

Guruji also elaborated the tale of a saint by name, Guru Nama Shivaya, whom, Lord Arunachala and Goddess Apeethakuchambal came down to earth, to shower him with their ‘leelas’ (miracles) and ‘prasaadams’ (blessings)!

In the final stretch of the pradhakshinam, we had a view of all the four main ‘Gopuram’ (portals), of the Arulmigu Sri Arunachaleshwara temple.

We soon reached the Ramana Ashram, from where we had started.

It was 7:32 a.m.

With the grace of Sri Arunachaleshwara, the grace of Mahaan Seshadri Swamigal, and the grace of Our Guruji – Sathguru Sri Rajalinga Swamigal, we completed the Giripradhakshinam.

The most amazing experience was yet to come!

We were soon back in our rooms, rested after taking in the beauty and grandeur of the Kingdom of Lord ShivaSesha!

After about an hour or so, suddenly we could feel the scent of camphor! Guruji had told us earlier, that the fragrance of camphor, meant a blessing of Sri Arunachaleshwara Himself!

The scent of camphor was stronger now, and it soon enveloped us. (The fragrance of camphor, lasted , intermittently, for 3 whole hours, in our room!) We we at a loss for words, to describe our feelings! SeshaBrahmmam had been with us!

காற்றினில் வந்த கற்பூர மணமே!
கலைத்து விட்டாயே என் கவலையை!
கற்பூர மணமாய் வந்த
கருணா சாகரனே! சேஷனே!
உன்னைக் காண கண் கோடி வேண்டுமே!
கலியுக வரதனே!
உனக்கு அனந்த கோடி நமஸ்காரம்!

(- அவதார் சேஷாத்ரி ஸ்வாமிகள், “சேஷனும் பக்தர்களும்”,

சேஷ பாமாலை)

We could say and feel nothing, except our gratitude to the Lord, who willed to stay with us!

சிவ சேஷா! சிவ சேஷா! சிவ சிவ சேஷாவே!

சேஷா ! என் உயிருக்கு உயிரே!
உனக்கு நமஸ்காரம்!

(- அவதார் சேஷாத்ரி ஸ்வாமிகள், “சேஷனும் பக்தர்களும்”, சேஷ பாமாலை)





– Vaishnavi Santosh


Pranams to Guruji

Till I finished reading word to word of this magnetic power of girivalam, you made me feel as if i was also transported with you, with retrospective effect, for the holy Giri pradhakshinam – indeed the very manifestation of Arunachala. Pray for me that i too shall be drawn under the compassionate wings of Mahan Sathguru Sri Sesha Brahman and get the golden opportunity of one life time to physically circumbulate the the Holy Arunachala.

With your Divine Grace
I remain
Yours Obedient sishya


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