Shri. Sunder Raman’s experience on Guru Mantra and Giri Valam

Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

Shri. Sunder Raman’s experience on Guru Mantra and Giri Valam

3 years back I met with a major accident and had to be operated on my left leg 2 inches above the angle with multiple fractures. Both the bones broke in 15 pieces. A steel plate had to be inserted to give support and to heal. It took me 8 months for healing and to start walking without walker.

Till six months back I used to get swelling on my leg near the ankle due to daily office routine and wearing shoes. There used to be pain during the night and it used to subside by the day.

I happened to be in Thiruvannamalai on 5th & 6th of September 2009, I took the blessings on our guruji and proceeded for Giri Valam. I couldn’t walk beyond 8 Kms and my leg started paining. To complete the Giri Valam, I took an auto and reached Seshadri Swamigal Ashram.

It didnt go well in my mind as i wasn’t able to finish the entire stretch, but one good thing to happen for my leg was that the swelling never occured later on.

This was amazing and, i had made up my mind to visit Thiruvannamalai again and complete the entire stretch. I happen to be there yesterday 25th December 2009.

This time i was accompanied with my Mama Prof.N. S. Venkatasubramaniam, who is 63 years old and he would be doing the Giri Valam after 20 long years. We both were worried if would be able to complete. We both started off for Giri Valam after seeking blessings from Guruji. We were chanting the mantra and walking at a regular pace. This time we were able to successfully complete the entire path.

With Mahaan’s blessings we were able to complete. Such is the power of Guru mantra, and Giri Valam.


Sunder Raman

dear mr.sunder raman,

your thrilling experience of your having completed the girivalam despite your having undergone a major operation and going thro severe pain and swelling post operative complications.finally you have completed your mission of completing the girivalam with no attendant pain or swelling which had bothered you earlier.this is yet another manifestation of MAHAN”S MIRACLE on seshabhkthas like you consequent to the implicit faith and belief in the mantras of MAHAN and GURUJI.i am sure this girivalam of yours will be the starting
point for your complete and total recovery.

no power in this universe is more powerful than the power of faith which is amply demonstrated by your experience.

warm regards,


April 2020

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