Girivalam experiences – Vaishnavi, Santosh

Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

Every step in Arunachala Girivalam,

is a step closer to Mahaan Sesha!

To Whom will I bow,

but to You, my Lord,

Who are the expanse of my life!


The Majestic One – Perisher of all evil,

The Merciful One – who grants us our daily living,

The Beautiful One – who slowly and gently,

teaches us Sanmaargam,

Glory be to You….The Lord of the Cosmos!!

My Namaskaarams to my Divine Guru,

Sathguru Sri Rajalinga Swamigal

(Incarntaion of Lord Sesha)

My Namaskaarams to my Divine ParamaGuru,

ParaBrahmmam, Avathar Sri Seshadri Swamigal

(The Lord of the Universe, the Eternal Consciousness

Incarnation of Lord Shiva & Lord Vishnu,

Our Supreme Force)

On the morning of 3rd. April, 2010, we (My Husband Shri .Santosh and  Smt.Vaishnavi Santosh Bangalore) were blessed by the Auspicious presence of our Guruji, Sathguru Sri Rajalinga Swamigal, who Graced us by guiding and accompanying us on the Giripradhakshinam of the Holy Arunachala.

With the Holy blessings of our Guru and ParamaGuru, and with the  Love that that the beautiful and grand Arunadri exuded, and inspired in us, we began the Giripradhakshinam, close to 3 a.m., in the auspicious hours of the BrahmaMuhurtham, from near Sri Ramana Ashramamam.

With the Darshan of Sri Arunachaleshwara, as we turned into the Girivalam intersection, Lord Sesha, Incarnation of  Sri Arunachaleshwara, welcomed us with the enamouring fragrance of the Jasmine, in the early hours of a warm summer morning. It was a very warm welcome, it was the warm abode of our Sesha Shiva….the warmth of home….


The Lord of Supreme Beauty!

The Lord of Boundless Grace!

You awaken the soul

With the Aroma of Love…

In Your Brilliance

lies this Bright and Fragrant flower,

that adorns Your

Tender Heart!

May I always worship You Noble Feet

With the Divine Jasmine..

Carrying our happiness in our heart, still in the dark of the early morning, we were blessed to walk under the beauty of the moon, that shone so beautifully upon the splendid LingaRoopa of Lord Shiva!

O Sesha! Beautiful Moonshine!

O Lord of the skies!

How beautifully You assume different forms!

You are the Holy Hill!

You are the Radiant Moon!

And yet how beautifully You shine upon Your own Linga Roopa!

With Guruji’s and Sesha Mahaan’s Grace, immersed in the beauty of Shiva Sesha, as we approached the Varuna Lingam, we were greeted by the refreshing smell of the orange peel, akin to Neroli oil. (Orange oil or Neroli oil, are essential oils, that are supposed to refresh one’s soul, and calm one’s nerves.)

To realize how much God cares for us, how He wipes out our worries, and rejuvenates us with new hope, is what I felt when Sesha blessed us with the fragrance of the Orange.


With the sweet smell of Orange,

You have set our hearts aglow, my Lord

To see the Dawn of Hope

Tranquil & Happy,

To receive Your Mighty Grace!

As we proceeded on our walk, our Blessed Guruji began to expound on the marvel,ARUNACHALA!

The Hill of Arunadri has 5 peaks, (at-Pancha Mukha Darshan-11 kms from Sri Arunachaleshwar Temple on the Giri Pradakshina Road)  that symbolize Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvathi, Lord Ganesha, Lord Karthikeya, and Sri Chandikeshwara.

As one walks along, the different peaks seem to merge into each other, and sometimes emerge from one another. Visually, it is a beautiful play of the visual forces.. The union of the many into the One, is the essence of  Advaitha philosophy.

Everything unites into the Lord of our Universe – Shiva Sesha. Sesha means REMINDER-i.e.The Absolute-The Lord of Universe-Shiva for us.-Shiva Sesha.

As we continued our way, soon, there was a burst of aroma, one of Lavender, – a flower whose fragrance heals the body, mind and heart! It is not surprising to note that a flower with a tint of the Divine colour of purple (The colour of Lord Shiva – the blue light), can have such restorative effects on the Bhaktha’s being.

All the stress and exhaustion that we carried in our minds were dispelled, by this beautiful gift of Sesha!

Sesha! The Divine Light!

Your Divine Presence alone

can wipe away all my sins

bringing peace to my troubled heart!

As the Bhaktha walks around the Hill, awe-inspired by Shiva’s grandeur and glory, the Lord’s Love for His Bhaktha, enraptures the heart, through waves of magnetic attraction. These ethereal waves of Love reach us, wafting in the breeze as beautiful, delectable fragrances.

The Love of our Lord, makes us look up to Him….

ARUNACHALA is Heaven on earth. Every morning, during the hours of the BrahmaMuhurtham (3 a.m. To 5 a.m.), Guruji explained to us, the rituals of the Lord, and the Devas, and other celestial Gods, can be experienced, if one rests his heart in the Lord Himself.

Lord Shiva’s Holy Bath, is followed by the morning Homam and Poojas performed by the Devas, and the MahaRishis.  This is followed by the MahaNivedhanam (offering of food to the Lord). All these sacred rituals are performed in the early hours of the morning (before sunrise), the BrahmaMuhurtham literally, the span of time, when the Gods and the Divine beings become pleased with man, and shower Their Grace on him.

As we were passing through Adi Annamalai, there was suddenly the fragrance of gingelly oil and shikakai (sesame oil and soapnut powder) powder! Guruji explained to us that this was the Holy bath of Lord Shiva. To be audience to such Divine rituals, is a matter of great fortune! What can the mind think, when it is dazed by such heavenly brilliance!

It was around 5:30 a.m. – the time for the Divine Naivedhyam to the Lord. As we were eagerly anticipating what was in store for us, the enticing aroma of Sakkarai Pongal (Sweet Pongal), wafted across our faces!

It was a humbling feeling to feel how the Gods had endeared us to offer the Divine MahaPrasaadam.

As we we were nearing the spot of the Panchamukha Darshanam (the spot where all the 5 peaks (facets) of Annamalaiyar are visible), the fragrance of Champaka flowers, rose-water, karpooram (camphor), and chandanam (sandalwood), enveloped us.

Lord Sesha! Divine Beauty!

We immerse ourselves in Your Glory,

You are the Heavenly Sandalwood,

That draws our mind to Your Sublime Self.

You are the brilliant camphor,

that kindles my soul with Grace.

You are the Ethereal Champaka flower,

whose fragrance is unmatched.

You are the Cool and Pristine rose-water,

flowing gently and deeply in our hearts.

Soon, our path turned towards, the ton road, which led on to the Isanya Lingam, and then finally, the Indra Lingam. As we made our way through this stretch of the Girivalam, my walk got very difficult. The roads were very stony and gritty. Guruji has said that the more difficult the path gets, the more one’s karmas (past deeds) get washed away.(you have to walk without foot wear).

Guruji, very patiently waited for us, as I almost struggled to finish the last stretch of the Giripradakshinam. Towards the final stretch, we were blessed with a very beautiful Darshanam of a small cloud crowning the peak of Sri Arunachala Shiva. Guruji said, it was like the vibhuthi (sacred ash) beautifying the forehead of Lord Shiva. It was a splendid spectacle!

The varying expressions and forms of the Holy ARUNACHALA are truly breath-taking and awe-inspiring. The Holy land of Thiruvannamalai is truly one, of Supreme Power, Magnetic attraction, and Divine Miracles!

Guruji, without Your Divine presence, my life would have remained meaningless. Thank You forever and forever, my Dear Guruji.

To You, my Holy Guru, I prostrate….

May I always serve You with Devotion and Love…

My Anantha Koti Namaskaarams, to You, Guruji…

My Anantha Koti Namaskaarams, to You, Sesha Mahaan…

I shall gladly tread upon stones, my Lord

for they take me to You, Lord Sesha!

– Smt.Vaishnavi Santosh, Bangalore

August 2020

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