MAHAAN’S and GURUJI’s Gift to Harsha – GiriPradakshinam

Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

MAHAAN’S and GURUJI’s Gift to Harsha – GiriPradakshinam

On the night of 3rd. April 2010, when we went to meet our Guruji, Sathguru Sri Rajalinga Swamigal, He had advised us to take our son Harsha, for a GiriPradhakshinam, during the Brahmamuhurtham hours (3 a.m. to 5 a.m.), by car, as per Sesha Mahaan’s instructions. Our Guruji had said that Mahaan, Incarnation of Lord Shiva – Sri Arunachaleshwara, would Grace Harsha, with the beautiful ethereal fragrances.

On the morning of 4th. April, as per Guruji’s instructions, we all set out for the Girivalam, at about 3:15 a.m. Harsha had just been woken up.

Our Divine Guruji, and our noble mentors Shri. Rajagopal and Shri. Murthy, were already on their Girivalam, as planned. As we turned into the Giripradhakshinam road, we met Guruji, and Shri. Rajagopal and Shri. Murthy. After seeking Guruji’s blessings, we had the Darshan of the magnificient Arunadri, we proceeded a few paces down the road.

Suddenly, a strong scent of Nalennai (Gingelly oil) and Shikakai (Soapnut powder), (used in a South Indian traditional oil bath), wafted in the air, and soon it grew overpowering. This was the fragrance of the Holy bath of Lord Shiva, (as Guruji had told us). Very anxious for Harsha to experience this Divinity, I quickly got Harsha down the car. Wondering if Harsha could sense anything, I asked him to look at Lord Arunachala Sesha, in the form of the Holy Hill, and chant “OM SATHGURU SRI SESHADRI SWAMIGAL THIRUVADIKKAE”. Suddenly, Harsha looking around, said, “I want to smell the ground”. It was bewildering to hear a statement like that from Harsha, since he was a child who had never spoken about his feelings, experiences, likes or dislikes, before. Before his words could sink in, he unexpectedly crawled down on to the road, and lay prostrate before Lord Shiva Sesha! After that, he chanted Sesha Mahaan’s Moola Manthra, 10 times.

All of us stood transfixed at that moment, and no words could ever fully do justice to what we felt at that moment!

(When we first met our Divine Guruji, in November, 2008, Harsha, a child affected by mild autism, had several problems with respect to temper, behaviour, emotions, food, sleep, wearing clothes, speech, communication, and socialization, and even looking at us!

Despite several kinds of therapies, it was soleley after we met Guruji, and received His Divine Blessings, and Sesha Mahaan’s Divine Grace and Merciful Love, that Harsha progressed very well, on his path to recovery.

Harsha, today, is a sweet and calm child, with hardly any issues, and he is beautifully picking up on his communication and socialization skills, through Mahaan and Guruji’s Benevolent Grace.)

Sesha Mahaan knew Harsha better than any of us! We were witness to the fact that Sesha Mahaan, made Harsha actually want to seek out Mahaan’s ethereal presence, and want to offer Mahaan, his Namaskaarams! (We did not know Harsha was capable of that!)

I wish to express what Harsha might have felt at that moment:

Sri Arunachala! Sesha GuruNatha!

I prostrate before You…

You are my Living Word,

You, are what I feel,

You are my Divine Light!

Who consumes me…

Your heart is my abode!

May I be with You

every living moment, My Lord,

For You have blessed Yourself to me…

We saw Guruji and Shri. Rajagopal, and they too were very surprised by Harsha’s gesture! It was Sesha Mahaan’s Leela!!

Soon after, we resumed our Girivalam, and Lord Arunachala Sesha Shiva, blessed us with different fragrances – that of wild flowers, Lavender, camphor, and the fragrance of the Holy smoke of the Maha Homam.

Frequently we got down from the car, and Harsha wanted to smell the ground a few more times, and he offered his Namaskaarams, to Lord Sesha, each time we got down. Admiring his spontaneity, we too offered our Namaskaarams to our Dear Lord Shiva Sesha.

Harsha was now wide awake, at this hour of the morning, like never before, we were all very happy for Harsha and were very grateful to our Supremely Compassionate Sesha Mahaan!

The Supremest of Mahaan’s Blessings was yet to come!

As we were approaching Adi Annamalai, we saw some fireworks in the sky, and heard people cheering and some music. We showed Harsha the fireworks, and he grew very happy and interested.

Further down, we saw a huge crowd of people, walking down the road, playing some music and drums. Wondering what it was all about, and thinking how we would get past the crowd, to resume our Giripradakshina, we just got near the spot where there was a small detour lane, to get around, back to the main path.

As we came out from this small lane, back to the road, we had managed to get ahead of this crowd. We now saw that it was actually a procession of the Gods, circumambulating the Hill of Arunadri! – the Utsava moorthis (the main deities of the temple (usually made in bronze), who are brought out in procession, during the times of special worship, and festivals, for the benefit of the bhakthas!)

We, along with Harsha, witnessed more fireworks, and jubiliation, and beautiful Kolams (Rangoli designs), to welcome the deities.

Arulmigu Sri Arunachaleshwara and His consort, Sri Apeethakuchambal, were beautifully decorated with flowers and garlands and beautiful jewellery, and garments, and a glimpse of the Utsavar was an arresting moment in our lives!

(We later learnt from Guruji, that this procession of Lord Annamalaiyar and Goddess Unnamulaiyamman, was very rare, and happens only 3 times a year!) AND, WE STANDING RIGHT IN FRONT OF GOD, WITNESSING THIS DIVINE EVENT!

This Divine Darshan of the Resplendant Lord Shiva and His ravishingly beautiful bride, Goddess Apeethakuchambal, stole our hearts!

Totally unaware of what was to come, we had set out on this auspicious day, for the Girivalam. It was for this very special Grace that Lord Sesha had instructed us to take Harsha for the Girivalam, and blessed us with the Darshan of the most precious and Divine events in Thiruvannamalai. It was Sesha Mahaan’s Leela again!

Harsha, and all of us took the Lord’s blessings, and we got back to our car. Overjoyed at the experience, we completed the circumambulation, with our hearts full of gladness and contentment.

Later after having completed the Girivalam, we were greatly honoured to meet our Divine Guruji, and all our noble mentors – Shri. C.S. Swaminathan, (Guruji also introduced us to Shri. C.S. Swaminathan, the senior most devotee of Avathar and Mahaan Sesha.) Shri. Rajagopal, and Shri. Murthy, at the Ramanashramam.

Our Benevolent guruji, Shri. C.S. Swaminathan, Shri. M.Rajagopal, Shri. A.K. Murthy

With Guruji’s Sathsang with all His disciples, all of us discussed how beautiful it was to witness God’s procession during the Giripradhakshinam.

Guruji and Mahaan had blessed us to witness this rare and Divine event!

May 2020

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