My First Giripradakshinam with Sesha Mahaan

ஸத்குரு ஸ்ரீ ராஜலிங்க ஸ்வாமிகள் துணை

ஓம் ஸத்குரு ஸ்ரீ சேஷாத்ரி ஸ்வாமிகள் திருவடிக்கே

My First Giripradakshinam with Sesha Mahaan

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It had only been a few months since I had come to know of Mahaan SeshaNatha. Each time, my eyes fell on His Radiant, Endearing Countenance, I felt a tug at my heartstrings…..

When would I ever get to sanctify myself at the Holy land of Arunachala, where He once tread! I would sit in front of His picture, and wonder….and pray my heart out….

Then, it was in the auspicious month of Margazhi in 2012, that the Love of my Lord beckoned me to Thiruvannamalai.

During mid-December, I started out to Thiruvannamalai, with my sister who accompanied me from Madurai. After a while, I set out out around 6 a.m., for the Arunachala Girivalam. This being my first time in Thiruvannamalai, I did not know where I had to start.

I approached first a flower-seller who guided me towards the Girivalam road. Then another man pointed towards the direction of a shrine across the road, leading to the Girivalam road.

Still wondering, I just happened to notice a young lad beckon to me, from across the road. He was a striking youth, clad in saffron clothes, and very surprisingly, seemed to know where exactly I needed help. As I approached Him, He pointed to a Shrine, close-by, saying that this was the Shrine of the Indra Lingam, and one was supposed to start the Girivalam from this point!

When I told him I was new to this place, and did not know the locales, He quietly and smilingly offered to guide me through the Girivalam.

He walked ahead of me. I followed Him. Upon conversation I got to learn He was a Yoga Master from Bangalore, and He had been performing the Girivalam periodically, for the past 3 years.

Beyond that, He barely spoke a word. Every now and then, He would look up at the Holy Hill, pay His obeisance, and continue to trace His steps with deep focus and intent…

We kept walking together, and He guided me through the Girivalam, especially with a beautiful Darshanam of the AshtaLinga Sthalams. It was my heart’s desire to have a Darshan of my Lord Sri SeshaNatha at His Ashramam. But I did not have any idea where it was. Through the course of our walk, I happened to ask the youth as to where Avathar Sri Seshadri Swamigal’s Ashram was.

As a matter of Providence, we were not very far from Mahaan’s Ashramam, when I asked Him about it. But, He suddenly avoided answering me, and instead asked me to follow Him, and guided me to Ramana Ashramam. He asked me to go visit Sri Ramana’s Ashramam. I silently assented, but my heart was set on Sesha Mahaan’s place. After a visit, I waited for my guide, the youth to join me back, near the entrance. I continued to wait, but there was no sign of Him… I grew anxious and panicky, and went in again, all over the place to search for Him. But I could find no trace of Him!

After nearly a half hour’s search, I came out with a very strange feeling of disappointment! I felt horripilated at His Presence with me, all the while, and His Absence was equally agonizing and mystifying! By now I was convinced, it was Sesha Mahaan who had come guiding me, all through!

As I continued my Girivalam, now alone, I was amazed, mystified, astonished at the happenings, and with Sesha Mahaan in my heart, I reached the ‘Esanya Lingam’. As I came out, after my prayers I met two elderly ladies, staunch Shaivaites by appearance.

I sought their help to complete my Girivalam, and very dutifully and amicably assisted me at every Shrine on the way, until I could finish my Girivalam.

Later that afternoon, I reached Sesha Mahaan’s Ashram, with the guidance of an auto-driver. I felt immensely grateful to the Lord for having accompanied me on Girivalam, and was filled with peace and joy at His Darshan.

After spending overwhelming moments at His Ashram, I returned home with my joyous dream fulfilled!

My Anantha Koti Namaskaarams to Avathar Sri Seshadri Swamigal…..

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Smt. Sheela, Mumbai

16th. January, 2012

August 2020

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