Lord Arunachala appears as a Column of Effulgence!

    Om SathGuru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

Lord Arunachala appears as a Column of Effulgence!

The Mother of the world then prayed, “Vishwaroopa! God in the form of Sonadri! Sonachala! Arunachala! Effulgent One! Linga in the form of a Hill! Remove all sins! Obeisance to THEE.”

When the Goddess stood praying thus, Arunadri manifested HIMSELF as an Effulgent Column blazing in all directions. HE appeared as a Supreme Effulgence resembling the rising of crores of suns, or moons or world consuming fires!

While the Goddess stood overcome with joy, the Lord of Arunagiri rose out of the Effulgence in a golden form with a bluish throat (SHIVA) and said:

“I am pleased with YOU, for YOU have performed penance and austerities at the place specified by ME. YOU have not incurred any sin by the act of killing Mahishasura. Moreover, as YOU looked at Sonachala, YOU have expiated all YOUR sins.

YOU engaged a foster-mother to suckle YOUR SON. And, instead of being with HIM, YOU were here as UNNAMULAI, (Tamil; Apithakuchambal – Sanskrit) – Mother of unsuckled breasts)..”

When Shiva spoke these words, Ambika bowed to HIM and prayed:

“Deva of Devas! Every year on this Kritika day of the full-moon of Karthika month (Nov-Dec) pray, reveal that divine form which was devoutly worshipped by ME and the Devas on this auspicious day so that all may be protected from adversity.”

Lord Shiva revealed: “SO BE IT!”

The Goddess Gowri then went round the Hill along with HER companions. SHE gave spiritual instruction to the divine Rishis.

BRAHMA said:

“Sambhu HIMSELF, with GOWRI shines as Arunachala. Those who have darshan of it or meditate upon it, attain liberation. All kinds of wealth accrue to those who hear of the glory of Holy Arunachala. Those who remember Arunachala will become pure in mind. They shall be absolved of their karma….

A mere darshan of Arunachala will grant the benefit of bathing in all the Holy Tirthas and performing all Yagnas and Yogas. He will obtain the Grace of Sadasiva. Among the various places on earth which are sacred to Shiva, it is only at this place that Sambhu fell in love with HIS own majestic and magnificent form.”



August 2020

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