Our Divine SeshaBrahmmam

Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

Seshadri Swamigal was a God who walked the Earth!

His personality was a unique one – a blend of magnetic charisma, and ethereal mercy. He was awe-inspiring!

Swamigal’s Persona

Seshadri Swamigal was neither very tall nor short in build. His forehead was broad. His eyes evinced kindness. Broad chested, with long hands and legs, slim-waisted, and delicate tender lotus-like feet, – His attractive physique – stole the heart of His devotees! His eyes resembled the full moon. He exuded love and compassion. His devotees would prostrate before him and sit by his side. Swamigal would not see them then. He would watch them when their eyes were focussed elsewhere! That was when, His “Nayana Diksha” (imparting instructions by a mere glance, or vision), was at play! His eyes resembled those of Lord Krishna. His matted hair was a thin bunch and short and adorned the back of his head. His neck was like a valampuri shell (Conch) and was round and sturdy.

Swamigal’s Clothing

There was a golden aura about Him! The unkempt clothes he wore, hid the aura. It felt, as if dark clouds eclipsed the full moon. He was clad only in a dhothi, which would cover his back and chest. If any one were to give him new clothes, it would reach the state of his original clothes, in a couple of hours! Sometimes, he would give away his new clothes in exchange for their rags, when street beggars begged him. One who had had lost perception of his body would never be attached to the clothes he wore! He never cared about dirt soiling His clothes, since He had already transcended His physical frame!

Swamigal’s Pace

Swami always walked very fast, never at a slow pace. His strides were such that one had to run, to keep pace with him. He was like a straw in the wind! He was so light-footed! -when He tread, there was no sound! He would never stay at any one place for more than a while! He was Omniscient! – He would literally be seen in several places, in a matter of a short while!

In a matter of seconds Swami would be seen in fifty places.”

If one were to be asked, if they had seen Swami, there was always a plethora of replies: I have seen Swami near the temple chariot,” “I saw swami at the Sadaichi Mutt,” “I had just seen Him near the temple gates,” “I just saw Swami at the steps of the Sivaganga tank,” “Swami is in the choultry with the Sadhus,” “Swami is just heading towards the temple,” were the various replies! In fine, in a matter of seconds he would be seen in fifty places.

Swamigal’s Mudra (posture)

Swami would always sit in a unique posture, – a posture we could not sit in, easily! It felt as if he was sitting with his body not touching the floor but supported on his heels. It would appear like he was seated on the floor, and at the same time, not really touching the floor! He assumed this posture without any special effort. In the Yoga Sastras this posture, considered very auspicious, is called the “Swasthik Asan.”

Swamigal’s Voice

If Swami started to speak, it would be like the cooing of the cuckoos or the strumming of the veena! Such was his sonorous and gentle voice. If any one were to ask him anything, he would reply in a very gentle, soft and sweet voice, and his reply would be in a few words.

If any ardent devotee requested him to sing, he would, without any hesitation, sing the pallavi of Ramapathe Sathanathe” or Ambasive” and stop at that. He would say that these were compositions of Kamakoti Sastrigal (his grandfather). Those who had heard him sing would catagorise his music as that of the Gandharvas (celestial beings)! Swami had the knowledge of the appropriate rhythm for the compositions. When he sang with the correct rhythm, it appeared as if Nandi himself was playing the Mridangam!

Swami utilised a strange manner of speech to ward off crowds from unnecessarily thronging and disturbing him. Such a manner of speech, was one of the several tools adopted by him to prevent Himself from worldly attachment!

Even the moon or the sun could fall into slumber but our Swami never!

Our Swami, was an Avathar who had totally conquered sleep. He had won over nature. He shone like a sun to dispel the darkness of disease. He was an embodiment of the sloka “Yaanicha” in the Gita (Ch.2:v.69), in that he was immersed in the happiness of sleep in sleeplessness! Sleep is considered an inborn darkness of every creature. It is induced by tiredness or by excessive eating. It is obvious that excessive sleep causes lack of wisdom and ailments. This is the reason why the Upanishads urge one not to give into sleep.

Swamigal’s Darshan

The extent of Swami’s benign grace was unique, boundless!

Swami was not bound by anything and He was free! It was God Almighty who had manifested Himself in the form of Swami. Anyone, who had a darshan of Swamigal or had the benefit of His visual grace, was cleansed of all impurities.

For the benefit of mankind, Swamigal was a living example of every aspect of spiritual significance!

August 2020

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