How Lord Arunachala graced the other Gods!

Om SathGuru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

How Lord Arunachala graced the other Gods!

Gautama continued: Once Lord Narayana, the protector of the universe, having the thousand-tongued serpent Adhisesha (representing intellect and knowledge) as HIS couch, was reclining in the ocean of milk, absorbed in yoga-nidra and oblivious to the dissolution of the universe. The whole cosmic space was enveloped in complete darkness. The sages were worried. They prayed to Lord Shiva. The Lord Shiva manifested HIMSELF before them with the object of protecting the universe. From the effulgent Sambhu, thirty- three core Devas emerged, as sparks and scattered in all directions. This Devas went to Vishnu and informed HIM what had happened.

Then meditating on Sadashiva, Vishnu prostrated before HIM and repeatedly saluted HIM. Thus HE absolved HIMSELF of HIS omissions. Vishnu then stood up and prayed thus: Out of ignorance I fell into yoga-nidra, O Sambhu! Kindly forgive My sin. When Shiva heard lamenting in this manner, He prescribed the following penance for Vishnu:

“I ABIDE ON EARTH IN THE FORM OF ARUNACHALA. The Moment You Set Your Eyes On It Your Ignorance Will Be Destroyed.”

After Declaring Thus Shiva disappeared and Vishnu came to Arunachala. HE bathed in the Brahma Tirtha, circumambulated Arunachala, got rid of HIS sins and attained the Lordship of all the worlds.

August 2020

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