The Beginnings of the Shrine of Arunachaleshwara

Om SathGuru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

The Beginnings of the Shrine of Arunachaleshwara

Gautama again begged Shiva thus: How can name and form be attributed to THEE who can’t be described even by the Agama? Where is the Temple for THEE? Or how is one to be built? In what manner ART THOU to be worshipped? How is one to make people believe that ever so many celestial beings (Devas) always abide in Thy presence? THOU must kindly explain all this to me.

When I prayed thus, Lord ordered Vishwakarma as follows:

“You must create a Divine and Noble town named Arunachala. You must also build in it a Divine Temple adorned with jewels. Lord Shiva said: Gautama! You must worship Arunachala Hill, which appears as a lustrous and immeasurable Linga on earth, for the welfare of the entire world. Let MY power (Shakthi) which is inseparable from ME and sustains the glory of this temple be installed on MY northern side and worshipped as Apithakuchambal (Unnamulai Amman). Since Bala Ganapathi is the bestower of all prosperity, let HIM be well adorned and worshipped in front of ME.

Nataraja who is fond of dancing, Amriteswara and Parashakthi should also be worshipped. Let the Goddess, who allays suffering and obstacles, be installed on the southern side, and Skanda who carries the weapon known as Sakthi, on the north east. I should be worshipped in the innermost shrine (Moolusthana), Dakshinamurthi in the south. Maha Vishnu in the form of Agni in the west, Brahma in the east, and in a separate shrine. On the northern side, Goddess Unnamulai Amman (Apeethakuchambal) should be well adorned, accompanied by all Devas and surrounded by the Dikpalakas.The Kings should protect this place without violating MY commands.”

The Beauty of the Land of Arunachala!

Om SathGuru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

Sage Gautama talks about the Beauty of the Land of Arunachala!

Sage Gautama, then said:

By the grace of Hara and Gowri, “I am now going to describe the Effulgent Glory of Arunachala.”

A billion tongues cannot delineate fully how the formless, Supreme Being, out of compassion, took this holy form of the Hill of Arunachala (Annamalai).

Lord Arunagiri is capable of removing all the sins of those who merely see HIM and of fulfilling all the desires of those who worship HIM.

HE is capable of granting Liberation even to those who merely utter the name ‘Arunachala!’ Yogis meditate upon Him and attain union with Shiva. Offerings, sacrifices, and japa made in its vicinity yield immeasurable results.

Gautama continued: “Gowri! This abode, the primal one, is known as the Abode Supreme and is sacred,, par excellence. One good deed done here multiplies itself manifold, therefore, Do Thou conduct ardent penance here. Thy Lord will then surely come on HIS Bull-Mount and re-absorb you as HIS left HALF.

Even Vishnu, Brahma, the Vasus, Indra, and a host of Munis had in days bygone, made their dwelling here and completed the penances of solitude. The place is right and the time, auspicious. Thy penance is thus assured of success.

The sage Gautama said, “This holy place is ideally wooded for a radius of two Yojanas and teems with life-giving streams. The distraction of crowds of Gods and Siddhas that frequent this Hill for worship has made me take in the thick but secluded forest of this spur. Therefore do you choose a spot nearby?”

(The Purana indicates clearly that Gautama’s Ashrama was at Pavazha Kundru (Pearl Hill) to the east and that Parvathi did Tapas near his ashram. This is also consistent with later events; She kills the demon and cleanses HERSELF at the Khadga Tirtha which lies near the spur (Khadga Tirtha -Durgai Amman Temple -Thiruvannamalai).

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