The Goddess slays Mahishasura!

    Om SathGuru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

The Goddess slays Mahishasura!

Mahishasura, had obtained a boon from Lord Shiva, that he become most powerful of all the Devas. So all Devas approached Gowri and said, “YOU are power of (Shakthi) SAMBHU in the form of a woman. It is destined that he must be killed by YOU, for he has obtained a boon from Sambhu that no man shall kill him. Goddess YOU must save us.”

SHE spoke endearingly: “Devas! It is said that one of the objectives of doing penance is protection of those who seek refuge. Your enemy will perish in a short time. He, who acts contrary to Dharma, against those who abide by Dharma, will die like an insect.” The Devas bowed to the daughter of the mountains and returned in peace to their abode.

One day the arrogant Mahishasura entered the forest of Arunachala. Goddess Gowri sent a monkey-faced Muni named Suraguru to him. When Vanaramukha delivered the message to Mahishasura, the later was enraged.

The wicked demon then gathered all his armed forces and prepared for battle. His force came from all quarters and surrounded Arunagiri.

The Goddess pierced Mahishasura with HER TRIDENT. The Goddess cut off his head with a sharp sword and stood dancing upon him. Seeing this, Siddhas, Gandharvas and Maharshis hailed HER as Goddess Durga!

Indra, the king of the Devas, bowed down before HER and with folded hands he praised the Goddess. He prayed that HER form as Mahishasura Mardhani (the destroyer of Mahishasura) should be a source of prosperity and happiness for all creation.

The different Tirthas in Arunachala

Om SathGuru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

The different Tirthas in Arunachala

Gowri enquired about the true origin of the Tirthas.

She asked: “Which of the Tirthas here are invisible and which are visible?”

Gautama continued: The Indra Tirtha is situated in the east. Indra got rid of the sin of killing a Brahmin by bathing in it. The Brahma Tirtha is situated in the quarter of Agni (South east). Agni’s sin of seducing the wives of others was removed by bathing in it. On the south is the Yama Tirtha; Yama was saved from the fear of Brahmastra by bathing in it. On the southwest is the Nairta (Niruthi) Tirtha; the rishis conquered the bhutas and vetals by bathing in it. On the west is Varuna Tirtha; Varuna obtained an ever full quiver by bathing in it. On the Northwest is the Vayu Tirtha; Vayu attained the power of becoming the life-breathe of the world by bathing in it. On the North is the Sona Tirtha; Chandra was cured of consumption by bathing in it. On the Northeast is the Isanya Tirtha; Vishnu attained Goddess Mahalakshmi for wife by bathing in it.

In the days of yore, Markandeya bowed down to Isvara and prayed: O Sambho! Mahadeva! Lord of the universe! You must tell me the means of bringing together at this place all the various Tirthas.

Lord Shiva said: All the Tirthas abide unseen in MY presence at the time of MY worship and adore ME. You need not go anywhere seeking Tirthas. At that time of MY worship all the Tirthas come together to this place. Therefore devotees, all sages and Devas may see the congregation of all Tirthas here immediately after naivedya is offered to ME.

Gautama continued: Parvathi! In olden days Shiva described to Markandeya the means of seeing all the Tirthas. All the sacred Tirthas are visible in front of Shiva at the time of worship. On hearing the words of Sage Gautama, Gowri was pleased and said: the goal of MY life has been attained by ME. By duly learning from you the means of worshiping the wonderful Tirthas on earth. Shiva HIMSELF has commanded ME to do penance at Arunachala (Annamalai).

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